The time I had a honda prelude!

It was the best, cheap car I have ever owned..why did I sell it?

In 2012 I purchased a Honda Prelude from my boss for 1000, and it was the best car I have ever owned. Here’s why too, it was very customization, very sleek looking, cheap to fix and heck.. it was 1000 dollars!

Why I sold it was a completely different story.

my prelude I sold...

my prelude I sold…

What I ended up learning was that the car was totaled from years ago and some kind of damage happened where its fuel system was messed up and would always speed up the process of carbon build up. This caused me to have poor fuel economy and poor ride quality which ultimately made me sell it.

The mistake in that was, I should of read some fuel injector cleaner reviews online and use some to constantly clean those bad boys up.

By now I believe it would of been a lot cleaner and running better.

This is UFOAI.NET!

You’ve come the right place if you are:

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  • A complete guide on what you’d need to be the car maintenance master
  • Need to know which vacuums to use, which fuel injector cleaners¬†to use, which power tools to use?
  • and much MUCH more!

Most of us would love to have a warehouse to get all the thing car related done, but that simply should not stop you if you don’t.

Things like post up tends make a great alternative. But of course proper setup is crucial.

Here’s the process from A-Z how to do JUST that: Go to Walmart or Kmart and grab the best shop vac¬†for about 100 bucks, not expensive and just right. Set them up using some heavy weights OR if you’re looking to use it permanently then go ahead and create a concrete block and properly bury it into the ground.

Here’s an example:

a honda civic under a standing tent.

Source: DIY Wiki

More is to come guys.. stay tuned!