How to avoid speeding tickets in 49 states in America.

How to avoid speeding tickets in 49 states in America.Imagine this, you’re driving down the highway minding your own business when suddenly you see the blue flashing lights..

The cop pulls you over and you realize that theres nothing you can do to explain the cop for what you did. All of a sudden he tells you you’ve been clocked 10-15 miles over the speed limit. You decide to play it cool hoping the cop doesn’t give you a ticket, but with little to no success… the odds are the trooper or cop will give you a ticket.

After what seems like it’s an eternity.. he comes back to your window and issues you a citation for speeding over the speed limit.

The ticked not only ruins your day, but also jacks up your insurance premium. Worse yet, the insurance premium isn’t the worst part… as you’d probably understand the license points are the WORST part.

Get enough tickets in a year or two and your license is suspended. That means no more personal transportation, instead it’s either the scooter, taxi or some friends.

Luckily, you’re not along in this struggle with avoiding tickets.

*Unless you’re in the unlucky state of Virginia or District of Columbia (D.C.)

Using a radar detector, and a damn good one at that.. you’d be able to see exactly what we mean when we say,

“You’ll have a MUCH better warning of when the police is ahead”.

Now, the radar detector will ONLY signal when there’s a police shooting laser or radar. Since police use those two methods primarily to get your speed, you can arm yourself with a quality radar detector and help yourself avoid tickets.

The time I had a honda prelude & how fuel system cleaners saved my car!

It was the best, cheap car I have ever owned..why did I sell it?

In 2012 I purchased a Honda Prelude from my boss for 1000, and it was the best car I have ever owned. Here’s why too, it was very customization, very sleek looking, cheap to fix and heck.. it was 1000 dollars!

Why I sold it was a completely different story.

fuel injector cleaners

my prelude I sold…

What I ended up learning was that the car was totaled from years ago and some kind of damage happened where its fuel system was messed up and would always speed up the process of carbon build up. This caused me to have poor fuel economy and poor ride quality which ultimately made me sell it.

The mistake in that was, I should of read some of the top rated fuel cleaners reviews online and use some to constantly clean those bad boys up.

By now I believe it would of been a lot cleaner and running better.

The Sea Foam fuel system cleaner I found at Autozone was made by SeaFoam. On the other hand, I did find a brand called Lucas fuel injector & system cleaner.The 1 gallon was about 30 dollars and it lasted me well over 4 months (I used it with every fill up). I truly believe aside from the BG products and RedLine, it’s one of the best.


By far one of the BEST fuel cleaning agents I’ve used has to be the Red Line Complete fuel system cleaner. It’s dirt cheap and it worked really good for a car that at 100% 87 octane day in and day out. What’s great is that it can be applied to your gas tank, oil reservoir and even vacuum line.

Give it a try and see if this fuel cleaner will do the trick to your OLD honda!

The resource I used is :

Utility Vacs for Do it Yourself Type of Drivers!

You’ve come the right place if you are:

  • Looking for a place for car project ideas
  • A place to learn some tasteful mods
  • A complete guide on what you’d need to be the car maintenance master
  • Need to know which vacuums to use, which fuel injector cleaners to use, which power tools to use?
  • and much MUCH more!

Most of us would love to have a warehouse to get all the thing car related done, but that simply should not stop you if you don’t.

Things like post up tends make a great alternative. But of course proper setup is crucial.

Here’s the process from A-Z how to do JUST that: Go to Walmart or Kmart and grab the best shop vac for about 100 bucks, not expensive and just right. Set them up using some heavy weights OR if you’re looking to use it permanently then go ahead and create a concrete block and properly bury it into the ground.

Here’s an example:

the best utility shop vacuum cleaner

car specific shop vacuums

Source: DIY Wiki

More is to come guys.. stay tuned!





It’s Special to You, That’s the ONLY thing that matters.

Speaking of, if you don’t look back at your car when you’re leaving then that means you have the wrong car. Let us elaborate on that…. cars you buy should be ones you love.

One you can care for day and day out, which is actually a lot easier than most would think. But we do understand that priorities can be different and (we’ve been there), caring for a car and making it clean by at least vacuuming it out can make the difference between feeling good when driving and feeling shitty when diving.


The simplest thing you can buy for yourself at your local mart are car care supplies. Supplies that are the best car shop vacuums which are sometimes found at Walmart but most of the time at Amazon. Read their shop vac reviews carefully to fully understand how to truly not make a buying mistake which is 100% necessary when you’re needing to begin the caring process.