The Absolute Best Crossbows a Fat Nerd Can Buy!

#1 Archery Bows of the 21st Century(aka, 2014)

Where to begin I should ask… crossbows and archery bows go hand in hand for multiple purposes. Starting with the archery bow, they go way back in the day when we didn’t have cars or even horses to ride. It was just as simple as, running or walking on foot with a spear and gathering all of our necessary stuff. The stuff usually is anything from, food, better useful tools for hunting and clothing materials (typically ripped off hides of animal skins.)

The hunting crossbow reviews

After a good chunk of time, I realized that this was going on for quite some time. We had basically hunting tools and nothing more. One miraculous day, somebody invented a crossbow. One would assume it was as basic as it gets, with just a rugged stick, and another flexible stick tied at the very end with a thread going from one end to the other. It was probably a funny idea to just put a stick right in between the crossbow and pull it against the thread until you couldn’t no more.. then what happens? The stick (arrow) flies at a wimpy speed at whatever they were pointing at.

More than likely, they accidentally killed one another while trying to figure out what they just invented. Now, in today’s time, these sticks can fly at an INSANE speed. And I mean insane! Imagine knocking down a 1-2 ton animal with a 18-20 inch arrow. At a whopping 350 feet per second! Many of the elite hunting crossbows here, are cheap enough for uncle mike to buy, which he can get at The average uncle mike (aka average joe), can pick one up that is soo technologically advanced, that it’s funny! No kidding.

Archery bows are not as complex and advanced as the best crossbow for the money can buy, however they too can be found here with no problem. What set’s them apart is the “less moving parts” aspect. Many of which are a fraction of the cost, even to a fairly broke guy like me (I’m Andrew by the way).

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Smart Archery Shopper or Not?

Starting, in the right direction!
When you think of one area to purchase weapons, where is it at? Gander Mountain, Walmart, Dicks Sporting Goods, Local Gun Store? All of those places are valid to buy a weapon of choice, however, remember that it’s not always the best bet. Here’s a clear explanation of why.

Most folks, tend to purchase items in an instant they see a good ideal. Automatically assuming it’s the best deal around and it won’t really get any better than that. Not so fast, smart shoppers do their homework and buying on an impulse is not wise at all. It will only result in an empty wallet and a frowny face, you like that? I knew you didn’t, and neither do I. is the Game Changer!

Ever since Amazon gained a ton of traction in recent years for online consumers for their hunting category, finding bargain deals is nearly a breeze. Here’s a funny thing about picking a hunting weapon to bring food on the table. You have hundreds of thousands of stores nation wide, having all the hard work done for you. All of the killing and gutting and filleting and preparing. Who goes out hunting in these days anymore?


THrough extremely important and crucial facts, about most popular archery bows sold online. You’re very wise if you read your crossbow reviews, as well as your compound bow reviews properly.

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